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Advertising/Graphic Design
Aircraft Technology
Architectural Design/CAD
Audio Production
Auto Body Repair
Automotive Technology
Aviation Science/Flight
Certified Personal Trainer
Computer Networking
Computer and Business
Construction Electricity

Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Digital Film and Video Production
Early Childhood Education
Electronics/Robotics/Computer Repair
Equine Studies
Fashion Merchandising/Design

Marine and Motor Sports Technology
Medical Assisting
Medical Laboratory
Nurse Assisting
Professional Photography
Professional Health Careers

Veterinary Assisting

  Small Classes with Individual Attention  

Auto Maintenance
Building and Grounds/Maint.
Elec. Manufacturing

Food Services
Health Care Skills
Intro to Computer
Intro to Cosmetology

Office Skills
Small Animal Care Skills


Wilson Technological Center is the Career and Technical Education Division of Western Suffolk BOCES. For 50 years, Wilson Tech has helped teenagers and adults enter the labor force with skills for satisfying and successful careers. Career and technical programs at all Wilson Technological Centers also provide a foundation for post secondary education. To upgrade your skills or develop new ones, register for a career and technical program today! If you are uncertain about a career direction, our career counselors can help you find the path that fits your talents and interests. Committees representing the Long Island business community help insure that Tech programs are compatible with employment opportunities and current technology. Our Placement Office offers lifetime assistance to those who successfully complete a career and technical program. Why not start your career today at Wilson Tech?

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