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Use your ideas to design jewelry through our Design and Production Technology class. You'll use our equipment to turn your plans into beautiful creations! Learn about mass production of items that are used in our everyday lives. Produce gift items for your guidance counselors and administrators during our big holiday extravaganza!

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See a Design and Production Technology class in action and experience what this program is all about.

Class Facts
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Samples Illustrated Below of Student Work in this Class Subject

Design Production for hands-on learning of a still
Wilson Tech offers career training with hands-on classes
Wilson Tech offers career training with hands-on classes


Benefits of our Program
Students in Smaller Class Size programs are offered the same opportunities to:

  • Earn a Wilson Tech Certificate
  • Learn by “doing”
  • Obtain real work experience
  • Meet students from other high schools
  • Join clubs
  • Gain high school credits

If you learn better in a smaller class with more individualized attention, check with your guidance counselor to see if you are eligible for the Smaller Class Size programs.

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