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SMALL ANIMAL CARE SKILLS offers students the opportunity to explore entry level careers in the pet and companion animal industries. Students will be working with a variety of small animals in the learning lab classroom. The curriculum will progress from basic to complex skills associated with entry level careers. Based upon gaining specific skills, second year students will have an opportunity to shadow and explore various work based facilities.



A person who works with small animals will be expected to work in a facility that provides for a variety of different animals. Workers must be able to administer daily animal care, maintain proper animal hygiene and properly handle animals. Animal care workers deal with animals and customers in a professional setting.


Additional supplies will need to be purchased for this program including a uniform.


CFM, Comp App


Pet Supply Retail Worker, Animal Shelter Worker, Kennel Attendant, Dog Walker (Private), Dog Sitter (Private), Animal Trainer (in a retail store or private business), Animal Groomer, Animal Caretaker, Animal Hospital Receptionist


  • Career building Skills
  • Health and Safety of Animals
  • Proper Handling of Animals
  • Client Communication
  • Medical Record Keeping
  • Animal Care
  • Basic Terminology
  • Individual Animal Care
  • Animal First Aid
  • Proper Usage of Equipment


Samples Illustrated Below of Student Work in this Class Subject



CTE Skill Programs follow the same curriculum as their respective CTE Program counter-parts, except at a moderate pace, in a smaller setting with extra support. Students will receive preparation for entry-level employment and/ or post-secondary education and are expected to function autonomously. Transfer into more advanced programs (CTE Programs) is contingent upon a student's success.

Employability Profiles will be utilized to evaluate students' universal foundation skills and work-based technical skills. Districts may utilize the Employability Profile as part of the criteria to meet the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Credentials and the CDOS Multiple Pathway option.

Our Career Assessment center, located at Wilson Tech's Huntington campus, evaluates students' career and academic strengths and weaknesses. The Career Scope is utilized as a Level 2 Assessment. A summary is derived from the students' responses and a list of appropriate career choices is presented.

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