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In the COMMUNITY/WORKPLACE EXPLORATION program, students will be presented with a multi-dimensional approach to self-knowledge, how they fit into the community and what skills are necessary in the workplace. This two-year curriculum will provide the basics of self-management, soft skills and different paradigms of workplace learning. Guest speakers will be invited to impart information and reinforce learning throughout the school year.



The range of experiences could include exploring career & technical education classes at the campus level, taking field trips to businesses in the community and students even operating their own school store.


  • Career Planning
  • Getting and Retaining a job
  • Values/Goals
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Consumer Management
  • Community Connection
  • Practical Living
  • Maintaining Healthy Life Style


Samples Illustrated Below of Student Work in this Class Subject

Student Work Sample 1
Student Work Sample 2
Student Work Sample 3


These programs are designed to benefit a student that requires a more personalized, highly structured learning environment. In the smaller class size programs held at Wilson Tech's Huntington Campus, we strive to accommodate students with varying abilities, emphasizing individualized and differentiated instruction. Students who would benefit from such instruction have met success in these classes.

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